Attorney Spotlight: Pandemic Edition – Bryan White

July 29, 2020

Facing a global pandemic and a resulting quarantine, workplaces across the country were forced to quickly shift to work from home. The change came with a litany of challenges for both employees and employers, as safety became the top priority, but there have also been surprise positive moments as well. As a firm, White, Graham, Buckley & Carr attorneys reached out to clients to assure them work was still being done – just from home. In this round of attorney spotlights, we share how our team adjusted to the shutdown.

Partner Bryan White, who joined the firm in 2010, is driven by his deep desire to serve as an advocate for his clients and has a passion to represent the interests of others that stems from his experience working closely with individuals who have been harmed.

He has expertise in employment, personal injury, medical malpractice and commercial litigation and has made his career by being a strong advocate for his clients and by providing excellent help and counsel.

Read on to learn more about Bryan in our Attorney Spotlight: Pandemic Edition.


What was the biggest adjustment to working from home?
“I think there were two things that were the biggest adjustments. First, staying focused on work. It was easy to get distracted and visit with my wife and kids, to go to the kitchen, or to watch TV during the day. It took me a while to learn to stay focused and work efficiently. Second, figuring out a routine. I tried the sleeping in and working in pajamas/sweats thing and for whatever reason I just couldn’t do it. I had to get back in a routine and get ready for the day if I hoped to get anything done.”

How did you choose where you’d work?
“I picked a place where I could spread out and close the door. Luckily we have a first floor office room where I was able to set up and close the door. The desk is right in front of a front window so I was able to have a nice outside view.”

What has been the best thing you’ve experienced in this “new normal”?
“For me, it was the extra time my wife and kids and I got to spend as a family. All the running around to work and activities came to a halt and we were able to spend more time together without rushing around. We watched movies together, practiced sports together, played cards together and had more family meals than we have been able to have in the last two years. That part was really great.”

What has been the biggest challenge?
“The uncertainly of the situation and staying positive about it was the most difficult. That still is the biggest challenge for me. Practicing law and raising a family is challenging enough, and the stress and uncertainty of this year have made it even more challenging. We have tried hard to be sure to maintain a positive and motivated outlook.”

Is there anything you did more of during quarantine than before?
“In addition to getting to spend the extra family time, we did many more FaceTime and Zoom calls with family. We also started ordering many more things online, including groceries. We spent much, much more time cooking at home. I think for the first six weeks we did not eat carryout once. The kids got to help cook too – it was fun.”