Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic has created economic disruption across the country. Businesses deemed “nonessential” were required to work remotely, alter or reduce operations or were forced to close their doors temporarily. The result has been an unprecedented loss of business revenue and uncertainty about a return to normal.

Due to high annual premiums, business owners may believe they will be covered with business interruption insurance. However, as many are now finding out, insurance companies are issuing blanket denials, or even actively discouraging customers from filing a claim.

While it’s most common that business interruption insurance covers losses sustained from fires or natural disasters, we believe complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic also qualify for coverage under certain policies.

White, Graham, Buckley & Carr is here to help companies across Kansas and Missouri fight unfair denial of business interruption claims. Our team is here to review your policy, assist you in filing a claim, fighting a denial or to answer any questions you may have about your business interruption insurance coverage.

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